Cabinet vows to amend constitution despite protests

By Manager Online   
1 October 2008 11:42
Cabinet vows to amend constitution despite protests
MGR Photo.
October 1, 2008
Bangkok - The cabinet planned to go ahead with the constitution amendments which possibly provokes anger in the anti-government group.
       The People Power Party (PPP) MPs are set to deliver the partys policy in the parliament next week.
       Charter change will be included in PPPs policy.
       "The government will go ahead with amendments ... setting up new constitutional drafters, which will come from from every profession," said PMs Office Minister Sukhumpong Ngon-kham.
       It was said that there would be no timeframe for the amendments but Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat was determined to go ahead with the charter change.
       PM Somchai emphasized the amendments had to be based on democratic principles. Peoples participation and public opinion would be focused.
       The Peoples Alliance for Democracy (PAD) has rallied to protest against Somchai government, accusing the premier of maintaining former premier Thaksin Shinawatras benefits.
       The charter was criticized for giving too much power to non-elected bodies such as the courts while limiting elected politicians influence.

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