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Patients, prisoners shifted as Nan flood crisis worsens
22 Aug 06 12:34
Heavy floods yesterday inundated more areas in the northern province of Nan, damaging homes, roads and farms, as well as forcing the evacuation of many people, including prisoners and hospital patients.
Thaksin critics assaulted in latest clashes
22 Aug 06 12:46
Confrontations between pro- and anti-Thaksin elements escalated into full-scale violence yesterday in what was the third hostile encounter between the two sides in three days.
Two killed, one injured in Yala orchard attack
22 Aug 06 01:37
YALA Two men were killed and another injured when at least four men on motorcycles sprayed them with bullets yesterday as they were buying durian at an orchard in Yala.
Banharn favors Somkid as next PM
22 Aug 06 12:32
Chat Thai Party leader Banharn Silpa-archa has told caretaker Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra that he favors caretaker Deputy Premier and Commerce Minister Somkid Jatusripitak as the next prime minister but was concerned over Somkids poor health and inability to choose his own Cabinet.
Karrs time as teacher in Bangkok under cloud
22 Aug 06 12:35
After reports that John Karr had worked in only a couple of prestigious Bangkok schools for short periods, doubts are being raised about the length of time the suspected child murderer worked in the capital, with students mothers and his own colleagues saying he was teaching classes for longer than the schools claim.
Government revives fears of plot to assassinate PM
22 Aug 06 12:33
Speculation was reignited yesterday about a plot to assassinate caretaker Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra after Interior Minister ACM Kongsak Wanthana admitted the rumors, which first emerged several months ago, could be true.
Democrats turn up the heat on the nominees
21 Aug 06 14:13
The opposition Democrat party yesterday stepped up the pressure on the caretaker government to disclose the results of its investigation into allegations that Thai nominees were used by Singapores Temasek Holdings in the controversial purchase of Shin Corp shares from the family of caretaker Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.
Thaksins supporters and detractors lock horns again
21 Aug 06 14:16
Sharp polarization between pro- and anti-Thaksin groups surfaced again yesterday as a press conference organized to expose the heavy-handed treatment of anti-Thaksin protesters at Siam Paragon on Saturday was noisily disrupted by pro-Thaksin elements.
Suspect in child murder case deported to US
21 Aug 06 14:10
Thai police yesterday deported an American teacher suspected of killing a six-year-old beauty queen a decade ago, ending a whirlwind four days in which Thailands sex industry was thrown into the global spotlight.
Defence initiative expanded
21 Aug 06 14:03
A joint Australia-Thailand defence initiative held in Bangkok earlier this month to discuss complex regional UN peacekeeping operations was expanded to include countries from around the world, said the director of the Australian Peacekeeping Center, Cdr Wendy Horder.
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