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By Sirinya Wattanasukchai and Phoojadkarn Daily
21 December 2005 16:33
Scenes like these from Long Khong were shown before a "PG"-rated feature.
Horror flick previews before children’s movies lead to renewed calls for a rating system

The long-running debate over film ratings flared up again recently when the trailers for the horror movies Rab Nong Sayong Kwan (Scared) by Sahamongkol Film and Long Khong (Art of the Devil 2) by Five Stars Production were released in local theaters last month. A number of audience members questioned whether it was appropriate to screen previews featuring graphic violence and gore before general screenings.

Prachya Pinkaew, president of the Thai Directors Association, says that’s a difficult question to answer until a sensible rating system is adopted. “We still don’t have any ratings, even for whole feature films,” he says. Most directors, he says, want a film rating system to be enforced for the benefit of the public, and “so it won’t be as if [filmmakers] are irresponsible.”

According to Ladda Tangsupachai, head of the Culture Ministry’s monitoring center, a rating system has been proposed and awaits the approval of the Cabinet. She says that the censorship regime in place since the 1930s doesn’t work in today’s world.

On that point, almost everyone seems to agree.

Like many Asian countries, Thailand, rather than instituting a rating system, simply cuts or blurs scenes that censors find objectionable. This is easy for the culture police, but unpopular with artists and audiences.

Until a rating system is adopted, Long Khong scriptwriter and producer Kongkiat Khomsiri says the level of violence used in his film can’t be deemed “inappropriate,” because each film is made for a different audience. “I’m making a horror film,” he says. “It has to be thrilling. And there have been so many scenes like that in the past.”

Of course, different films do have different audiences, but the current controversy began last month when Long Khong’s trailer preceded screenings of Corpse Bride which, despite the horror allusions of its title, is an animated film rated “PG” (parental guidance suggested) in the United States. Long Khong is unrated, but judging by the trailer, is certainly not PG.

Kongkiat says the trailer conveys only 10 percent the substance of his movie. “Isn’t it weird if I make a horror film but can’t promote it that way?” he asks, noting that the trailer is only a minute long.

The 2003 film Angulimala, which told the story of a man who had done evil and repented only after meeting the Lord Buddha, was delayed for weeks after objections from a Buddhist group that disagreed with its historical accuracy.

Producer Adirek “Uncle” Wattaleela protested that Angulimala was unfairly banned, because others with obscene and violent content were released in theaters nationwide. “The [censorship board] often answers that every movie is judged by different committees,” he complained at the time.

A committee (or rather committees) under the Royal Thai Police is now in charge of censoring films and movie posters.

Director Jira Malikool says film ratings are complicated, but ultimately more efficient than the current censorship, which, he says, “indirectly deprives people of the right to learn something.” He also complains that the delay in instituting a film rating system is the result of red tape.

With the knowledge that today’s society doesn’t need to be controlled like it used to, Ladda says, the center will try to introduce ratings as soon as possible. At the end of this month, she will hold a discussion with officials, filmmakers, academics and the moviegoing public.

“I don’t underestimate them. But what kind of concept do they [officials in the Culture Ministry] have?” says a producer who asked not to be named. He doubts that the selected board will be efficient enough, because most of the appointees are government officials who know nothing of how the film industry works. “Why don’t they just take some of us...and ask for our help with something we know about?”

Adirek completely agrees. “Those selected to be on the board, have they been to the theater during the past 30 years? How many films have they seen, and how much do they understand them?” He notes that what the officials deem obscene or violent has never been challenged. Adirek says most filmmakers are trying to stimulate, rather than titillate, their audience.

Ladda counters that she regularly sees movies in the theaters and that as an audience member, she doesn’t like to see cut or blurred films either. Once the ratings are in force, she says, everyone will understand their rights: filmmakers will know what to make, parents will know what to buy for their kids and marketers will know how to present their products.

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