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Mammoths and mallets

By Rangsan Srirat
29 August 2006 17:03
A demonstration match featuring the “Chivas Thailand All Stars” was held this month at the 1st Infantry Regiment grounds in Bangkok.
The country’s annual elephant polo tournament heads for new stomping grounds

It might not be the most graceful sporting event out there – men sitting atop gigantic grey beasts that lumber across the field after a ball – but elephant polo is arguably one of Thailand’s most entertaining sporting events, a far cry from its horse-bound counterpart often associated with aristocracy and society’s finest.

This year the King’s Cup Elephant Polo tournament, taking place between September 4 and September 10, is heading for a new venue – the Golden Triangle – in the northernmost region of Thailand in Chiang Rai province. Anantara Resort Golden Triangle, in conjunction with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), is sponsoring the charity event which raises funds for the Thailand Elephant Conservation Center at the National Elephant Institute in Lampang province.

In previous years, the tournament was held every September in Hua Hin, starting in 2001. This year, however, the TAT decided to spread the tourism wealth.

“The growing interest each year is enormous and last year we had a waiting list of teams wanting to take part. The tournament generates an enormous amount of international media exposure, which also benefits the tourism industry in the region that the game takes place,” says Chris Stafford, president of the Elephant Polo Association.

“So by leveraging the popularity of the tournament, we now aim to turn the international media spotlight onto a very unique and special part of Thailand that can showcase the beauty of the natural landscape of the Golden Triangle region,” says Stafford.

The event is ranked as the 6th largest event on the Thai tourism calendar, so it’s bound to spur tourism within the Chiang Rai region, say TAT officials.

“It’s expected to receive attention from both Thai and international media as well as the Thai public and tourists from all over the world, who would come to enjoy the competition at the Golden Triangle,” says Tanyapa Nikrothanont, director of the TAT Northern Office, Region 2.

“This in turn will further promote Amphoe Chiang Saen and Chiang Rai province. It will also create happiness and a good impression to visitors during the week-long extravaganza of the tournament in Chiang Rai. Moreover, it will also generate more income from tourism for Chiang Rai and other nearby provinces, and help draw them back to Chiang Rai again,” she added.

Twelve teams are confirmed for the King’s Cup 2006. They are divided into four groups, with three teams in each. Group A includes Mercedes Benz Germany (the top seed of group A), PricewaterhouseCoopers-All Blacks-Swiss International Air Lines, and Tickle and the Ivories. Group B includes Tiger Tops Nepal/Raimon Land (the top seed of group B), Angus Estates, and Hotelplan Italy. Group C includes DHL Global Mail (the top seed of group C), Team Sweden, and the celebrity team Chivas Thailand All Stars, which this year will feature a unique line-up of Thai celebrities. Group D includes two-time winner Chivas Regal Scotland (the top seed of group D), Capitol Pachyderms USA, and Anantara/ESC Visitors.

The modern game of elephant polo was founded in Nepal in 1982 by Englishman Jim Edwards, owner of the famous Tiger Tops Lodge, and James Manclark, a former British Olympic bobsleigh competitor.

The annual King’s Cup charity event is part of the World Elephant Polo Association World Series. The World Championships take place in Chitwan National Park in Nepal every December and the Ceylon Elephant Polo tournament takes place each February in the Sri Lankan town of Galle.

In Thailand, the game was introduced in 2001 by Anantara Resort with the aim to protect the endangered elephant population in Thailand and to raise money for National Elephant Institute in Lampang, an organization under the auspices of the Thai government which provides welfare, sustenance, medical care, mahout training and employment for the Kingdom’s 1,500 wild and 2,500 domesticated elephants in the country. This charity event has so far raised more than US$140,000.

Past winners include Chivas Regal (2001), Mercedez Benz Germany (2002 and 2003), Mobile Easy Thailand (2004), and Chivas Regal (2005).

King’s Cup Elephant Polo 2006

• September 4-10

• At Chiang Saen Secondary School, Chiang Rai

• Admission is free

• Call 053-784-084 or 02-477-0760

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